May 28 2015

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The All New, 2015 South Carolina QSO Party is almost here….

The SCQP Organizing and Competition Committee has completed it’s revamp of the SCQP rules and has posted the new rules (http://scqso.com/rules/).  The net result is that the scoring system is now more in line with other state QP’s.

This year promises to be one of the best we’ve had in South Carolina. To encourage In-State participation, we’ve expanded the awards.  We’ve also doubled the points for SSB, CW and Digital for In-State (2/4/4 respectively) QSOs with Out-Of-State stations.

To encourage Out-Of-State stations to participate, we’ve added something really exciting – two, count ’em two, high value Bonus Stations. The Columbia Amateur Radio Club who is the event sponsor will participate as W4CAE which will be valued at 500 points.
The Swamp Fox Contest Group, a state wide contest club, will participate as WW4SF which will be worth 350 points. See the Rules for a complete explanation of the Bonus Station points system.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new SCQP is Team competition. Any group of 3 or more amateurs who participate in the SCQP can qualify for a Team award.  These “Teams” are a unique award and must be declared in the Cabrillo 3.0 scoring file to be eligible.  Top points will be the qualifier for the award.  Each “Team” participant will receive a certificate celebrating their achievement as a Team.

Scott Davis, N3FJP (N3FJP contest software) and John Bednarz, K3CT (N1MM+) have revised their software to accommodate the new rules.  The SCQP Committee recommends downloading the latest versions and test their software prior to the event to ensure all works as designed.

The Committee thanks all those who participated in the revision and updating process.

See you on Sept 19th.

The South Carolina QSO Party Organizing and Competition Committee

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