Oct 05 2015

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2015 SCQP News Update


“Turn out the lights, the party’s over
they say that all good things must end.”

Fortunately, this isn’t the end. We’re just getting started on making the SCQP the best QP on the circuit.

This year has brought an increase in the number of logs submitted – with a month to go to the submission deadline (Oct. 21), we’re at 150 logs submitted vs 90 total logs submitted last year. The SCQP Committee was hoping for an increase in activity, but 50% increase was something of a surprise.

Speaking of the SCQP Steering Committee, the core “Gang of Four” (Dave Edmonds – WN4AFP, Kevan Nason – N4XL, Alan Fitzsimmons – W4ANT and Tom Francis – W1TEF/4) got together and came up with a random drawing prize – a BBQ dinner for two from Maurice’s Piggy Park donated to the SCQP. The drawing rules were simple – just send in your log within 24 hours of the end of the QSO Party – that’s it. The winner was Tom Goodman, AI4DB of Jackson, TN.  This random drawing appears to have gone well as there were a considerable number of 24 hour entries to randomize. A lot of terrific comments concerning the BBQ dinner came from Soapbox and qsoconnection posts – enough positive comments that expansion of this random drawing is a very good possibility.

This year brought not only changes in rules, awards and scoring, but in our overall approach to promoting and advancing the SCQP into the upper tier of high quality QSO Parties.  Dave Edmonds established a Yahoo forum (qsoparty connection) which quickly became important to all state events for announcements, information and QP related ideas. Dave also developed new features/content and maintains our website (scqso.com) to make it one of the best in the “industry” Tom Francis built a Facebook page for the SCQP which almost hit 100”likes”. Alan Fitzsimmons designed and developed a presentation on contesting for beginners while Kevan Nason became the group conscious keeping everybody on track and offering advice and counsel. The Committee even put on a “roadshow” traveling around the state to clubs presenting the new, improved SCQP with a Power Point presentation  created by Gil Huggins, KS4YX.

Our host club, Columbia Amateur Radio Club, put their 500 bonus point station W4CAE on the air from the brand new Sandy Run EOC in Calhoun County. The CARC team was a combination of experienced and inexperienced – Doug White, W8NYK  and Mike Wieber N4BQQ were CARC’s experienced crew and worked twenty meter phone. Steve Dornburg, W4SJD and Earl Dean, KM4SJY were the “newbie” crew and did an outstanding job all day on 40 meters. The new team had a great time and  did a terrific job fending off net cops, frequency raiders and the usual number of jammers and other annoyances. The SCQP Steering Committee wants to thank Bill Minikiewicz, W4FSV and Dave Chojnacki, W4DMC Calhoun County Emergency Managers for their help with the facility, use of their FT-950 and antenna setup.

The Committee also received tremendous support from the Swamp Fox Contest Group, South Carolina’s statewide contest club. The Swamp Foxers put WW4SF on the air from various locations around the state as a 350 point bonus station. It seemed that WW4SF was anywhere and everywhere on the bands during the event. The SCQP also received outstanding support from mobiles, N4FP,/m W4RWL/m, N4LDL/m (with new ham Tom Grim – KM4AEF), NC8N/m, N4IQ/m (multi-multi mobile with AC4Q/m), AD4Z/m.

So now it’s on to settling the awards, getting them out to the recipients.  This year, award winners will have a choice – a plaque to hang on the wall or a special 2015 SCQP coffee cup with callsign and category dyed right into the ceramic. Dishwasher proof.

This year’s party may be over, but we’re not going to call it a day – there’s more to come.

Stay tuned!

Tom, W1TEF/4
SCQP Steering Committee
Head Sanitation Engineer and Chief Bottle Washer


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