BBQ Dinner Contest

“The Carolina Weekend”
“Worked Most Carolina Counties (NC/SC)” Award
Complete Maurice’s “Taste of the Carolina” BBQ Dinner
delivered to your door!

bbpicThe winner will receive a “Taste of the Carolina” variety meal from Maurice’s Piggie-Park BBQ. This meal includes: Ribs (2 half racks), hickory pit-cooked chopped BBQ pork (1 pound), and our famous Carolina Hash (1 pint), plus a bottle of our secret heirloom recipe Southern Gold® Original sauce. Serve four with this southern BBQ feast.

This prize will be given to the station who works the most counties in both stations during the weekend. A dinner will be given to an “In-Carolina” and an “Out of Carolina” station.

Due to shipping restrictions, only stations located in the contiguous United States are eligible for this award. This prize was donated by friends of the NCQP and SCQP.

If you have any questions about this prize, please contact Dave, WN4AFP at

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