County Activations 2021


W4CAE and WW4SF are Bonus Stations

Our 2021 Mobile Stations include


AA4TI/M – Steve (Single Op)
Chesterfield, Dillon, Kershaw, Lee (4 county point)

K4ZGB/M – Tom (Single Op)
(Route Order) Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, Abbeville, Greenville, Laurens, Greenwood, Abbeville, Greenwood, McCormick, Edgefield, Saluda, Newberry, Union, Fairfield, Chester, York, Lancaster

K8MR/M – Jim (Single Op)
(Route Order) Colleton, Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton, (Colleton), Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Orangeburg, Aiken, Lexington, Saluda, Newberry, (Lexington), Richland, Fairfield, Chester

N4CW/M – Bert, N4CW and Jim, W4TMO
(Alphabetical Order) – Aiken, Calhoun, Chesterfield, Clarendon, Darlington, Dillon, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lee, Lexington, Newberry, Orangeburg, Richland, Saluda, Sumter, Williamsburg

W4AN/M – John, K4BAI and Jeff, KU8E – View Trip Map
W4CAE/M – Ronnie, W4RWL and Dwayne, N4LDl (BONUS STATION)
(Route Order) Richland, Kershaw, Sumter, Lee, Darlington, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Lancaster, Chester, York, Cherokee, Fairfield…. New addition Marion county.


Note: Any station which operates from more than ONE county is classified as a ‘MOBILE’ station.


W4CAE – Columbia Amateur Radio Club – Visit Website
The CARC will have multiple W4CAE stations on the air during the contest from various counties including Lexington, Richland and Williamsburg. Watch out for a W4CAE mobile team running through SC.

WW4SF – Swamp Fox Contest Group – Visit Website
The SFCG wil have two Bonus Stations on the air this year. N2OG, Scott will be operating portable in Abbeville county. WN4AFP will be operating from Greenville county.


Please complete the form below if you are participating in the 2021 SCQP!

  • Abbeville – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M, WW4SF ( op N2OG)
  • Aiken – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, NKK4QHM, N4CW/M
  • Allendale – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, WW4SF
  • Anderson – W4AN/M, K4ZGB/M, W4JKC
  • Bamberg –  W4AN/M, K8MR/M
  • Barnwell – W4AN/M, K8MR/M
  • Beaufort – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, KN8F
  • Berkeley – AB4UG
  • Calhoun – W4AN/M, N4CW/M
  • Charleston –
  • Cherokee – W4AN/M, N4JRP, W4CAE/M
  • Chester – K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M
  • Chesterfield – AA4TI/M, N4CW/M, W4CAE/M
  • Clarendon – W4AN/M, N4CW/M
  • Colleton – K8MR/M
  • Darlington – AA4TI/M, K8MR/M, N4CW/M, W4CAE/M
  • Dillon –N4CW/M
  • Dorchester- – K8MR/M, KM4RK, W4ANT
  • Edgefield – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M WR4EC
  • Fairfield – K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M, N4CW/M, W4CAE/M
  • Florence – K8MR/M
  • Georgetown – K2SX, W4JF
  • Greenville – WW4SF (WN4AFP op), W4AN/M, K4ZGB/M, AC4MC, N4IQ
  • Greenwood – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M, N4XL
  • Hampton – W4AN/M, K8MR/M
  • Horry – KN4JTU, KN4VZW, KA4FVE
  • Jasper –W4AN/M, K8MR/M
  • Kershaw – AA4TI/M, KK4XO, N4CW/M, W4CAE/M
  • Lancaster – K4ZGB/M, W4CAE/M
  • Laurens – K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M, KM4AJ
  • Lee – AA4TI/M, N4CW/M, W4CAE/M
  • Lexington – W4AN/M, KG4KOW, W4CAE, N4CW/M
  • Marion – W4CAE/M
  • Marlboro – AA4TI/M, K8MR/M, W4CAE/M
  • McCormick – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M
  • Newberry  – K8MR/M, K4ZGB K3DNE, N4CW/M
  • Oconee – W4AN/M, K4ZGB/M, KS4YX, W4SLF, W9DC
  • Orangeburg – W4AN/M, K8MR/M, N4CW/M
  • Pickens – W4AN/M, K4ZGB/M
  • Richland – K8MR/M, W4CAE, N4CW/M, W4CAE/M
  • Saluda – K8MR/M, K4ZGB/M, N4CW/M
  • Spartanburg – W4AN/M, NN4SS, NU4E
  • Sumter – K8MR/M, N4CW/M, W4CAE/M
  • Union – K4ZGB/M
  • Williamsburg – W4CAE, N4CW/M
  • York – K4YTZ, K4ZGB/M, W4CAE/M



Submit Your Plans

Please let us know what counties you plan to activate (even if you’re a fixed station) and the approximate times you plan to be on the air. We’ll update this page with info as we receive it.

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