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2023 South Carolina QSO Party
starts at 1500z February 25th
ends at 0159z February 26th


February 25 -26

SCQP on Saturday
NCQP on Sunday

There’s no better QSO Party Weekend!


Expedition Category Definition

One or more persons operating from a temporary, field-day type, stationary location using portable antennas and radios operating from one or more than one county. No permanent antenna structures may be used. Use of trees, buildings, etc., to raise antennas is allowed as long as it is safe to do so and not originally intended for that purpose. Mobile radios, equipment, and antennas installed in, on or attached to a vehicle wholly for mobile operation are not permitted to be used in this class. The vehicle may be used as part of the setup once stopped in the temporary location. All apparatus are to be located in the same location (within a 1000′ diameter circle). Expedition stations that choose to move to a new county may work everyone again for QSO credit. If returning to a previously activated county, only new stations, respective of band and mode, not previously worked from there, may be counted as QSO credit. Expedition stations that operate from more than one county will receive multiplier bonus of one for each county.


The NAQP RTTY contest runs from 1800z  on Saturday for 12 hours. There will be much more RTTY stations on the air during this period, so we need to adjust our band plan for CW contacts. We would recommend that Mobiles operate between 25-35 and fixed stations start at 35kcs. Also, remember to spot yourself on the SCQP Spotter Page (link in left column) so that folks can find you wherever frequency you may use.

The SCQP is an approved

The 2022 STATE QSO PARTY CHALLENGE is a year-long QSO Party competition sponsored by the STATEQSOPARTY.COM team. Points are earned by actively participating in 47 approved QSO Party contests during the year. The Challenge score consists of your total number of QSOs during the Challenge competition multiplied by the number of QSO Party contests you worked. You must work at least two qso party contests with a minimum of two QSO’s to qualify for the Challenge program.

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